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The e-Tens is an innovative and very convenient single channel TENS device that connects and works directly through the mobile phone (Android / iPhone versions are available). The e-Tens connect to the mobile through the USB port for Android mobiles and auxiliary port for iPhone. The intuitive and detailed application can be downloaded to the phone to control the entire therapy. The set includes 2 pairs of reusable electrodes.


SDP-330 Nerve & Muscle Stimulator

The SDP-330 stimulator has 8 modes and 10 levels of intensity. It comes with large-sized reusable and washable pads. It is simple to operate, small-sized, and is convenient to carry. The stimulator has built-in rechargeable batteries and can be used upto 200 times on a full charge.

tens copy.png

Neck Tractor

The 3 level neck tractor is designed to provide gentle traction to the neck to relieve pressure and pain. The amount of support can be adjusted by inflating or deflating to the required level with the included rubber bulb.

Neck Tractor.png

YU610 Overbed Table

This is a chrome plated height adjustable table with laminated top. The height adjustment is assisted by a spring mechanism. The table can be positioned over the bed to allow patients to eat or for other activities.

Overbed table.png
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